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Mail Fulfillment

Fulfillment services are the basic mail house services of importing files, sorting to Canada or U.S. requirements for service level specified, inkjet/labelling capacities, laser printing, importing of signatures and specific tabbing requirements.



NRS Mail ensures customer satisfaction and postal compliance with the industry’s highest resolution for production data printing. We can print bar codes and TrueType fonts with resolutions as high as 1200 dpi. With print speeds of over 10,000 pieces per hour, we give you faster turnaround times coupled with outstanding productivity.


Deliver multiple pieces in one clean product allowing the receiver to view exactly what is in store for them. Especially beneficial when delivering bulky or odd shaped flat pieces. Ideal for magazine publishers, one off sample product deliveries and trade show hand outs.

Direct Mail

This a target specific process which allows you the customer to reach the demographic market with personalized, targeted mail pieces. We offer full automation mailing capabilities and will automate your direct mailer piece, taking advantage of all postal discounts using the latest postal software available. We can personalize, insert additional pieces, then properly assemble and ship to the nearest postal distribution center to ensure your mail campaign will be processed in the quickest time frame.

Data Management

Your data lists can be fine tuned to age, salary, geographic location, etc. We will assist in the research of list acquisition services that specialize in whatever demographics you may need to further develop your customer base. Security measures are in place for all lists. Digital laser personalization is possible through the process of laser copying the name, address, salutation and or the entire letter, duplex (2-sides) ability and matching with an outer envelope address. We can add signatures, photos or any other form of art work during the process.

Special Applications

This is the manual sorting and inserting of items, premium products, posters or any type of piece which must be inserted into a mailing piece. We offer full handling and packaging services, working with a variety of items, going into every conceivable publication, envelope, box or container type. Packaging multiple products or flyers, assembling CD’s into sleeves or glue dotting pieces onto folders or publications. We provide services for any item that needs to be mailed or shipped.


Postal regulations can be mind-boggling at the best of times! We will gladly answer any questions, discuss any project or formulate any idea you may have in mind. We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with our customers and supply this service at no cost. The benefit of working with NRS is our professional history, having been mail house customers ourselves at one time! We understand the time-frames, demands and attention to detail that today's markets demand. We will assist in your expedient preparation and delivery with each and every job.


Creative Design

Our in-house design studio can assist you in designing and developing a direct mail project, single or multi-piece mailing package, business response forms, reply envelopes or even redesign an existing project that needs some 'tweaking'. Design software applications include Indesign, Quark Xpress, PhotoShop, Illustrator, FreeHand among others. PC or Macintosh based files.

We honour your commitments!

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